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Here you go!

First - This hits like house. Plain old boring house.

the pattern for the chromatics is actually wonderful and I really enjoyed it, but if this is trance then at 1:29 - you can't just drop the main instrument , at least have one or two bells in background with a much smaller pattern representing the ambience.

feels empty after 1:29, and base from the start kicks in and it feels really bad... I can understand that its one of the most fun sliding basslines you have written... but doesn't go well with the rest of the track. I suggest changing the kick to a trance kick, the kick you are using is VERY hard. You want a bouncy kick. Trust me on this one. Also for the main bass synth that kicks in at 1:29 needs more power to it, EQUO it, play with some effects, dual it.

The same awesome bass synths I just mentioned that start from 1:21, should develop a longer time. Its trance, not just volume it in, filter it, flanger it etc.

put in some hats (long ones with reverb on it). Fix it up and repost it, to get a better vote. 4/5, and 7/10. No hate, just pure feedback.

e991e responds:

Many thanks!
This is exactly what I'm looking for.
Like I said,this is just a bunch of patterns thrown together to see what people think.

ill give a 5/5 for effort.

The jingles really run on the bass. The bass pattern is quite nice, but when you change from a major to a minor it will almost never sound good aka 1:09 repetition uplifter - do not work well with the rest of the track.

However - lovely.

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This is good

Great flow to this, I know hardstyle rides alot on the kick doing crazy twist up and down in pitch but I felt it was a little hard on this track, not so much to be out of order but with the soft clean tone of the melody synth it seems too hard. My suggestion would be to add extra twist of distortion or higher freq hardness to the melody to make it truly great. Couple extra fx and it will be a hit.
Not saying the track is bad, quite the contrary, its a great start

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viewtifulday responds:

Thank you so much for the review! I shall take your advice into consideration for any future hardstyle tracks :D

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